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The world of yachts has its very own culture and special rules for its manufacturers as well as for its owners and operators.

Through his personal passion for the sea and yachts, Prof. Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann has transferred his knowledge and experience from over 30 years of advising and supporting companies in the field of international business law and organisational development to the special features of this industry and provides personal and worldwide support with tailor-made solutions.

Pragmatic value-added solutions, unique expertise secured by an academic background and an unrivalled international service for large yachts at the interface of business and law, e.g.

  • Advice and assistance with purchase or construction, legal project management
  • Import or export of a yacht worldwide
  • Economical international yacht ownership and holding concepts
  • Advice and support for refit projects, especially for historic yachts
  • International registration
  • International yacht tax law, especially legally safe optimised VAT tax solutions
  • Legally and fiscally suitable legal structures onshore and offshore
  • Yacht compliance for construction, purchase/sale, refit, financing, insurance and operation
  • Warranty, guarantee, compensation, average handling
  • Crew law

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CPS Schließmann provides premium quality, we are neither corruptible, but engage for the best for our client in sense of a win-win for all involved stakeholders.

All who develop a yacht, build, sell, let, run or manage serve a single target: to provide an owner the pleasure of his yacht as smoothly and trouble-free as possible. This is a challenging and not easy target, because yachts are, on the one hand, no standardized assembly line products and, on the other hand, floating companies in a  dynamic complex environment and within changing jurisdictions. Only when coordinating and integrating all processes within the meaning of this central target mentioned, the task can be satisfactorily fulfilled.

Our job is to make all legal and fiscal processes in the life cycle of a yacht really safe and as trouble-free as possible.

There are no simple solutions, nor models or master templates as offered as everywhere, since these do not withstand any tax audit in Germany and many other EU nations. Instead, the owner’s investment needs to be developed and solved by the very means  of individuality.

This is precisely where “apples and oranges” should not be compared. Hardly any mandate for large yachts takes place without a foreign connection or across many jurisdictions. Here, often conflicting legal cultures collide and solutions have to be found at the interfaces. Expertise and, above all, experience in international (yacht) law are therefore indispensable in order to be able to oversee and manage tasks across several jurisdictions and the resulting complexity. Experience shows that no yacht dealer or agency has such expertise, even if some advertise that they can offer “smart” tax solutions. Moreover, they are not authorised to give legal and tax advice and are not liable for it.

Over many years we have built up partner offices and joint ventures in Croatia, Malta, Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus and the USA, as well as a network of industry experts such as surveyors and yacht managers, and guarantee the best possible local support.

We offer unique expertise. Our scientific background to continuously implement the latest findings in our work as pioneers and to react as quickly to changes as possible. As a result, we offer and we look for measurable added value!

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Your Guide in all Legal, Fiscal and Economic Matters of (Super)Yachts

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