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Prof. Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann & Team - Your Guide in all Legal, Fiscal and Economic Matters of (Super)Yachts

The world of boat and yacht manufacturers, owners and operators is governed by a unique culture and set of rules.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann has a passion for sea and this fascinating maritime sport. He also has a wealth of experience and knowledge built up over a period of 25 years of providing support and advice to enterprises and companies in the field of international business law and organisational development regarding the distinctive features of this industry.

Along with his team, he provides a unique international service for yachts and super-yachts at the interface of business and law as

  • Advice and guiding with purchase, build and construction, import or export of a yacht
  • Advice and support for refit projects, especially for historic yachts
  • Legal and economic International Yacht Owner and Holding Concepts
  • International registration
  • Law & Taxes, especially legal VAT tax solutions
  • Legal and tax-appropriate legal structures onshore and offshore
  • Yacht compliance in construction, buy / sell, refit, finance, insurance and operations
  • Warranty, guarantee, damages
  • Crew law

CPS Schließmann provides premium quality, we are neither corruptible, but engage for the best for our client in sense of a win-win for all involved stakeholders.

All who develop a yacht, build, sell, let, run or manage serve a single target: to provide an owner the pleasure of his yacht as smoothly and trouble-free as possible. This is a challenging and not easy target, because yachts are, on the one hand, no standardized assembly line products and, on the other hand, floating companies in a  dynamic complex environment and within changing jurisdictions. Only when coordinating and integrating all processes within the meaning of this central target mentioned, the task can be satisfactorily fulfilled.

Our job is to make all legal and fiscal processes in the life cycle of a yacht really safe and as trouble-free as possible.

There are no simple solutions, nor models or master templates as offered as everywhere, since these do not withstand any tax audit in Germany and many other EU nations. Instead, the owner's investment needs to be developed and solved by the very means  of individuality. We, therefore, offer no one-dimensional or valid in only one country or jurisdiction "short and cheap solutions", but only those holistically developed and internationally and legally independent services and full service packages that allow us and the owner (as well as other stakeholders) a state of peace of mind. Right here,  one should not  compare "apples and pears".

We provide you with individually tailored counselling as per your concrete needs and on a case-to-case Basis worldwide and particularly around the Mediterranean sea. We have Partner offices in Malta, Croatia, Italy, Gibraltar, Spain, Cyprus and USA which guarantee best possible on-site support and guidance.

We offer unique expertise. Our scientific background to continuously implement the latest findings in our work as pioneers and to react as quickly to changes as possible. As a result, we offer and we look for measurable added value!

You're in good Hands with us!

We combine a Passion for yachts with professional expertise. The excellence of our advisory Service and support is backed by my own reputation and with experience I am able to bring to the table over 25 years of involvement in international economic events.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schließmann and Team



Starting in 2016 we offer a very Special Service at Yacht-Hot-Spots around the MED also in 2018:

Personal Meeting and Consultation with Prof. Dr. Christoph Schließmann



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Am 8. Januar 2018 hat uns das britische CorporateINTL Magazin zum vierten Mal in Folge ausgezeichnet:

"Yacht-Law - Law Firm of the Year 2017 in Germany"

Am 9. Januar 2017 hat uns das britische CorporateINTL Magazin zwei Global Law Awards zuerkannt:

"Yacht-Law - Law Firm of the Year 2017 in Germany" (2015, 2016 und 2017)

"International Contract Law - Law Firm of the Year 2017 in Germany"