Our full Yacht Service Package for Yacht Owners

We ensure that the construction or purchase is as smooth and problem-free as possible and that your yacht is put into operation quickly and with legal certainty, while optimising the economic, legal and tax structure

  • We We support and accompany the entire life cycle of a yacht.
    We provide neutral advice. Your goals and wishes as well as your individual situation are the basis of our mandate.
    We have no sales interests, do not allow ourselves to be instrumentalised and are neither an agency nor a broker. We are reputable commercial lawyers and mandate holders with absolute loyalty and confidentiality towards the client whose interests we represent. Legally compliant – not at any price!

  • We have a network and joint ventures of first-class colleagues and partners around the Mediterranean and in important international yachting hotspots who have been with us for many years. Nevertheless, you have a personal contact person who is committed to you and coordinates everything: Prof Dr Christoph Ph. Schließmann.
  • We are liable for the quality of our work and are insured accordingly, even though we have not had a liability case as commercial lawyers since 1994.
  • Wherever you may be emotional, we keep an eye on things with calculation and critical expertise – for a safe voyage at all times and ship ahoy.

Our services for OWNERS

Charter and VAT
Flag and Registry
Warranty and Guarantee
Accident and Damages
Crew Labor Law Int.

other services:

This is an overview of the most important building blocks of our service:


We watch over your Yacht-Transaktion

A Yacht Transaction is hardly conceivable without a secure management and transfer of the agreed deposits and payments.

We like to act as the independent and trustworthy trustee (Escrow Agent) as part of our legal professional duties and in accordance with an escrow arrangement exactly agreed procedures and conditions.

The deposited funds are deposited in contact with the parties on one of our Attorney-Escrow-Accounts or on a trust account especially and separately established with e.g. temporarily invested.


For our trustee position we charge – independent of the duration of the trusteeship – a basic fee as well as an additional degressive compensation as:

Basic amount: min EUR 1,000.

1% for amounts up to 2,500

plus 0,5% for the amount up to 10,000

and plus 0,25% for amounts over 10,000

All related to the acquisition of trustee status related third-party costs and expenses will be charged separately according to cost.

Possibly Interest on the funds deposited come to the agreed beneficiaries minus applicable taxes and bank charges.