Revolutionary AI technology for Superyachts

This development marks the next step in tech and legal operations by revolutionizing the technical “yacht system”.

This development marks the next step towards tech and legal operations by linking the technical “system yacht” with its operational management and environmental parameters. Relevant stakeholders can be seamlessly integrated, allowing processes, risks, costs, maintenance and collaboration with all parties involved to be not only efficiently optimized, but also proactively managed – for example, before major defects occur.

I have been researching and publishing on “Systemic Complexity and its Management” (Schließmann, Interdependency, Springer Verlag, 2nd edition, 2014) for about 15 years. For the first time, my method, in collaboration with a specialized AI from our partner ONTONIX, has made complexity measurable and controllable. In cooperation with our partner, we have further developed this technology and now offer it as a comprehensive anomaly detection, early warning and control system for large yachts. As original equipment or for retrofitting.

Large yachts are technical masterpieces equipped with advanced software that controls and monitors their numerous technical systems. However, our advanced technology brings a new level of complexity, which makes understanding, operating, maintaining and improving these systems a significant challenge. Yacht builders, shipyard operators and especially owners are all too aware of the high costs and disruption caused by system failures.

Traditional monitoring methods on yachts are often inadequate as they do not provide early warnings of malfunctions. They focus on individual components rather than the entire interdependent network of interconnected systems inside and outside a yacht. This piecemeal approach is particularly ineffective as potential anomalies grow exponentially with increasing system complexity.

Our technology offers a revolutionary solution to manage the technical “yacht system” in conjunction with its operational management and environmental parameters. Our AI enables the early detection of system anomalies, facilitating timely repairs, product improvements and the avoidance of costly and lengthy downtime, as well as interventions in e.g. contractual relationships, management around a yacht, personnel, governance and procurement.

Our early anomaly detection solution is based on years of experience in the high-tech, automotive and defense industries. Unlike traditional methods that rely on machine learning and require constant retraining, our technology works without such learning cycles. This ensures its effectiveness even as your yachts evolve and improve.

Key features of our technology:

  • Holistic health measurement: provides an overall assessment of the health of the entire yacht system.
  • Identification of fragility hotspots: Locates potential vulnerabilities within yacht systems so that issues can be addressed before they become critical.
  • Early warnings and source information: Provides real-time early warnings of impending anomalies and identifies their sources, enabling fast and accurate interventions.
  • Our technology is versatile and can be integrated into your yachts through both software and hardware solutions. By accessing data from on-board computers, we process and analyze this information to provide actionable insights. Our solution is customized for each yacht and its individual system!

The benefits are obvious:

  • Early detection: identifying issues before they escalate into major problems.
  • Cost savings: Reduction of repair costs through early elimination of weak points.
  • Minimized downtime: Ensuring the operation of your yachts and avoiding lengthy downtime.
  • Increased reliability: improving the overall performance and safety of your yachts.
  • We would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of this innovative technology with you in person and take your yachts to the next level of operational efficiency and reliability.

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