As the global fleet of large yachts expands and ages, as a result, demand for refit services is growing, especially around the Mediterranean. As the construction or purchase, the refit is a complex overall performance.

• Legal services acc. the requirements of the flag states
• repaint antifouling (every one to two years)
• repainting the hull (every three years)
• overpainting of the superstructure (every three to five years)
• Emergency repairs
• overhauling of machines and machines
• extensions of the ship
• Upgrades to the interior
• Modernization and maintenance

In recent years, we have accompanied and monitored several yacht refits. Exciting matter and often more complex than expected. From this wealth of experience, I would like to shed more light on some of the most noteworthy aspects and, above all, focus on historic yachts and their restoration.


>> Refit von modernen und historischen Yachten