Prof. Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann

We live Yachts..

Consulting means understanding and help effectively.

Consultancy involves understanding and providing effective assistance. The “vast scope” and the futuristic view combined with pleasure and art of living: Yacht owners and manufacturers are my clients since years:

  • They bank on my discretion and experienced view of international legal solutions at all times, particularly at the interfaces of international yacht and marine law, flag law, international corporate and taxation law, safe-manning as well as crew labour law
  • I have the knowledge of yacht industry owing to my passion of about 20 years. With an experience of over 25 years in international support and organisational development, I and my Team provide a unique know-how-mix with high individual value.

Philosophy and values

After training in Germany as well as Switzerland, the USA and the UK and more than 30 years of professional experience as an ambitious lawyer, I have matured into a personality with rough edges, who looks facts in the eye analytically and realistically, thinks strategically and speaks plainly.

Already in my youth, I observed with fascination the world of international trade in my family. Business & law in an international context also became my field of activity. 

When I accept a mandate, I am committed to the associated interests and agreed goals and, as far as I can represent them objectively and ethically, I leave no stone unturned in my fight for you. Every mandate knows facts that set immovable limits. Beyond them, however, “right” and “wrong” are mostly a question of perspective and interests and the most exciting field of design is the world in between. Against this backdrop, I provide my clients with an unvarnished view of the respective location, possible options as well as opportunities and risks. We agree on goals together. We handle our mandate on our own responsibility. I do not like to be told what to say, nor do I like to be instrumentalized or dictated to, even by my own clients. In my experience, respectful interaction coupled with unvarnished clarity is the best way to work together. Whoever represents interests cannot please everyone, even if a win-win is to be achieved in the end.

Mutual loyalty, responsibility, the will to work and fight, and the courage to be uncomfortable are just as fundamental values for me as self-determination.

If you appreciate these values and principles, we can be partners!

  • “Paths are made by walking“, said Franz Kafka. My clients are directed on a completely new way; well-trodden paths are helpful, but not when seven different jurisdictions collide in a single mandate.
  • Confidence in my competence and personal credibility are common base and highest motivation for me!
  • Loyalty, pragmatism and a special, experienced creativity are the characteristic features of my personality. These values direct me unalterably in my activities.

Special layout of CPS business lawyers / team

I act for you as a personal contact person and counsellor and companion of your YACHT mandates. 

This is so even when more employees and/or specialists at home and abroad are involved. I uphold the overview and direct.

Practice-oriented, efficient solutions for business foundations – this means “Business law” in integrated  competence with expertise for us.

We consciously distinguish ourselves from the law firms that sell a defined team to their clients: Our clients are supported nationally and internationally – and always flexibly – by the best available professionals.

With LEXCORE International Alliance founded by me, all my clients get a team of specialists who are assigned specifically to their case. All have experience in projects – and are extremely flexible.

We thus adapt to globalised and dynamically complex business models, management structures and organisational forms in all international business environments.

Professor Dr. Christoph Ph. Schließmann is

Schließmann founded the CPS Schließmann Wirtschaftsanwälte in Frankfurt / M. in 1994, advises companies for over 20 years internationally – with a focus on Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Malta, speaks German and English and is one of the first “Bar approved lawyers for International Business Law” of Germany. 
Beginning 1991 Schießmann taught over 16 years strategic management and entrepreneurship at St. Galler Business Schools and is a Hon.Professor of Management at the University of Salzburg, a member of the VHB Association of University Professors of Business Management.
He is a member of the Rotary Club and the Union International Club Frankfurt.

Der Yacht Anwalt Lexcore

LEXCORE International

As the founding member of LEXCORE International – an innovative alliance of specialists in EU and worldwide – we combine the essence of an owner-managed special law firm with clout and maxi-know-how of an international network of skilled colleagues in business, taxation, legal and financial matters.

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