Yacht-Construction and Yacht-Compliance

The construction of a yacht is a complex adventure.

We guide the building project from the idea through preliminary tests, shipyard tendering, contract negotiation and design, project management and compliance, all legal and tax issues of the flag, registration and the operation phase…

Yacht building, especially if the yacht is to be completely “tailor made”, is a special and complex undertaking with many surprises and not always linear processes. Right from the start, everything has to be geared towards the later operational and usage goals. Private or commercial? Shipyards usually present construction contracts that essentially reflect their interests in short frameworks and do not do justice to international legal conflicts or the interests of the buyer. Here, the interests of the future owner must be represented so that there are no unpleasant surprises later.

It is rare for large yachts to be built in less than about two years. We take over the complete construction compliance and legal project management:

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