Croatia and the EU-Membership 2013

We have successfully helped many Yacht-Owners to win the once-in-a-lifetime 5% VAT model in Croatia:

Croatia's EU accession in 2013 forced yacht owners to action

Thousands of boats up to the superyacht lie with EU or offshore flag or registration not VAT taxed in Croatia as a guest boats. On 1 July 2013 Croatia is entering the EU.

Croatian Government has made a special offer for registartion and taxation of Non-Croatian yachts in Croatia betwwen 01.01. and 31.05.2013

» Information for yacht owners

If a yacht already is EU-taxed - eg with German registration and flag - no Croatian VAT will be payable in July 2013. Regardless a boat, that was more than 3 years in Croatia and therefore outside of the EU, lost its Community tax character and is no longer considered for a duty and tax-free return to EU. Thus, upon returning to the EU import duties (calculated on the current value) are due.

After July, 1st 2013, the regulations will be again:

In Croatia, the temporary import and use of boats is allowed for a period of 18 months and duty free. In exceptional cases where the marina is registered as a customs warehouse of type E, the period is extended to 24 months. Beyond this time frame, there will be a fictive import adopted by customs regulations by the result of the compulsory taxation:

Owner will be taxed by 25% VAT tax in July 2013 and would have to pay as well an additional customs duty of 8% for a yacht that was not previously placed on the EU market (building outside the EU).

But we can offer creative flat tax solutions even after July 1st 2013!