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Staff and human resources – much more than a cost factor

Do your management staff and employees have the right skills to secure the future competitiveness of your yacht company? Sustainable company success depends on your staff’s ability to see the right way forwards and on the amount of creativity, innovation and motivation which they are able to offer.

In the 21st century, human resources are the most important natural resources a company can have. The robustness, survivability and future of a company lie in the hands of the people who work to achieve success every single day and who know the ropes.

The structural fermentation process

Particularly in times of change, good leadership involves achieving added value and retention of value by getting an heterogeneous team all to pull in the same direction. Change is a structural process of fermentation in which shifting general prevailing conditions and external constraints mean that an organisation realises the necessity of adapting its corporate strategy. Unavoidable implications for staff recruitment, human resources development and competence requirements need to be dealt with in a sensitive and responsible manner.

More than 25 years of experience in leadership training and education

Christoph Schließmann has over 25 years of experience in MBA teaching and in executive management training at St. Gallen Business School. He has instructed and supported over ten thousand managers and is in a position to provide the personal assistance you require to bring your own managers and staff up to speed and enable them to meet the challenges they face within your company.

Christoph Schließmann offers highly personalised, individual support and acts as a sparring partner to deliver integrated structuring and implementation of future strategies for yacht manufacturers.