Strategy consulting - Der Yacht Anwalt

Individually aligned strategic yacht industry consultancy

Are you heading in the right direction?

Having a good idea and being innovative is no longer enough! It is rather about sustainable viability in relevant strategic markets and systems.

The yacht industry is in a state of upheaval.

Many yacht manufacturers are living in the past. The skills of their staff have been honed in markets dominated by sales and distribution. In the present buyer's market, they are casting around for success without any strategic sense of direction.

The general prevailing conditions which are currently making the decision-making process more difficult for every potential yacht buyer also need to be improved. Registration and VAT rules are complex and require standardisation. The necessary safety regulations and minimum standards are not in place. Legislators and tax authorities do not see the branch as a leisure activity and treat it accordingly!

The ability of a company to survive is determined by strategy. This has very little to do with long-term planning. Particularly within complex systems, the future cannot be predicted, precisely planned or micro-managed. Crucial life-and-death issues may arise swiftly and without warning. Sooner or later, every entrepreneur will be faced with the question of which structural measures need to be undertaken in order to secure the existence of a company, increase rather than merely retain value and embark upon a path to long-term success. Crisis situations call for refinancing, restructuring and realignment.

The truth is mostly concealed below the surface.

In-house expertise and standard solutions are not usually sufficient. It is often the case that a certain inability to see the woods for the trees can develop over a period of time. For want of a better phrase, companies tend to "stew in their own juices". Companies require a critical distance in order to be able to scrutinise their own decisions, question the reasoning behind long-established structures and review the logic and efficiency of such structures. Clever entrepreneurs are fully aware of this and seek out the views of impartial external agencies which bring less baggage and which can address painful sticking points and reopen old wounds if such an approach is necessary in order to move forwards.

We can help your company to remain viable and identify individual future opportunities. The questions we ask ourselves include the following.

  • Is the present portfolio of services the right portfolio for the future?
  • What are the relevant trends which are affecting the company? What does this mean for the alignment, strategy, expertise and structure of the company?
  • What services can the company provide, in which market environment can it operate in order to compete successfully in future and how can support be provided for this process in organisational terms?
  • What are the customers’ requirements and to which extent is the company providing the services it has promised to deliver?
  • Are the right people in the right places both now and for the future and do staff contribute to adding value? How are staff managed and how is the company securing its human resources from an employment law point of view?
  • Is the company profitable or how can profitability be achieved?